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Superior Vein Care Backed By Exceptional Knowledge

Alaska Vein Care provides superior vein care for our clients. We want to help you stop living in pain and start feeling beautiful again. Our compassionate and professional staff is here to help you live better.

Our firm is state of the art. Because we have Dr. Roupenian and Dr. Johnson on our staff we are always informed of new developments and stay at the forefront of our field. Our clients get the best treatments from the experts.

While our main treatment centers are in Alaska, we also use our talents for Humanitarian service. Both of our doctors travel to 3rd world counties to help those people who are suffering from vein problems but can't afford or have access to a certified Phlebologist.

Who's Treating You?

Corey Johnson, MD

Corey Johnson, MD

Dr. Corey Johnson is committed to offering only the very best in vein medicine and is an active member of the American College of Phlebology.
Our Mission

Our Mission

Not only does our team understand what you are going through, we deeply care about the treatment you are receiving.
Armen L. Roupenian, MD, FACS

Armen L. Roupenian, MD, FACS

Dr. Roupenian is a Board Certified Surgeon and Phlebologist who has practiced general and vascular surgery for over 25 years.

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Our goal is to help you live without pain. Be it the physical pain from your varicose veins or the emotional pain from unsightly spider veins, we are here to help. And paying for it is easier than you think.

Call us at (855) 969-VEIN or fill out our form to start down the path that leads to life without pain from vein problems.

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